In 1837, in a stunning natural park, one of the first foundries was built in Spain, and alongside it a tiny Andalusian village sprung up, where the foundry workers lived.
When work dried up at the foundry and its inhabitants moved away, the village was abandoned and quickly fell to ruins.
The owner of this smallholding, by means of a painstaking process of restoration, aided by many local craftspeople and artists, converted those ruins into the most beautiful rural estate on the Costa del Sol.

Today, this magnificent property offers a stunning landscape dotted with ancient palm trees, avocado and custard-apple trees, orange groves and a sea of almond trees.

At the heart of this beautiful setting is the grand manor house whose main entrance was previously a church, built two centuries ago. The ruins of the foundry can also still be found and serve as a fascinating reminder of the origins of this site.

We invite our guests to delight in this exceptional place where the gentle murmuring of the fountains, the tropical plants and the grandeur of the house will bring the magic of Andalusia to life.

As well as being an enchanting setting, La Concepción also has a fascinating history full of legend.
Since its beginnings, activities which took place here have always been connected to the Rio Verde (green river) which flows close by. And by the 19th Century, it was functioning as the first ironworks in Spain.
Today, this beautiful spot which has been carefully restored, is a highly unique place where all necessary elements will be at your disposal to help make your dreams a reality.


The different zones of the property can be characterised by their distinctive natural environments. Take, for example Los Altos Hornos (blast furnaces): a historical place with views of the Sierra Blanca (the White Mountain range). The pool area would be perfect for cocktails or for the reception. The main gardens, with the ancient American walnut tree and spectacular fountain, will make your event unforgettable.

All necessary services will be available to you in order to make your big day as special as possible.